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Hello, my name is Beau VanLaanen. I am a Senior majoring in Political Science and Global Studies. Before arriving at UW – Green Bay, I went to the University of Minnesota for two years. I transferred to UW – Green Bay because I preferred smaller classes and a small campus. I am studying Political Science and Global Studies because I enjoy learning about the United States government and political systems around the world. I think it is very cool to see how different political systems can work in different ways. I also wanted to minor in Global Studies because I think it is important for people to know what is going on not only in the United States, but also around the world. I will be graduating this semester and I look forward to a few years of working while deciding whether or not to attend graduate school.


Hey guys! I’m Emily Kudek, I’m a senior here at UWGB. I’ll be graduating in December with a major in DJS-Law and Psychology and a minor in Human Development and Political Science. I’m excited to be finishing in three and half years. After graduation, I plan on going to law school to become a criminal defense attorney!

I’m a die hard Grey’s Anatomy fan, and my other hobbies include playing guitar and writing a blog in my spare time. I work three jobs. I love working out and spending time in the our doors.


Hey everyone!

My name is Erika and I am a fifth year senior hear at UWGB and I graduate in May. My major is Public Administration with an emphasis in Non-Profit Management and a minor in Political Science. When I was a sophomore I decided I wanted to be a wedding/event planner so I started a Public Administration major so that I could plan events for nonprofits and use the experience to start wedding planning.

Besides that I’m into sports, I like baseball the most but football is a close second. I’m also a concert junkie, and I’m really into One Direction. Other than that I’m excited to get to know everyone this semester!

Hey Guys

Hi, my name is Jennifer Branhagen. I am a Junior here at UWGB. I am majoring in Political Science and a minor in DJS. I have always been interested in politics thanks to my Grandpa who would take me to Political rallies and bring me along to volunteering opportunities. It was through this that I realized I wanted to be involved in politics for my career.

Beyond politics I really love sports. Specifically the Green Bay Packers are my favorite. I am very obsessed and am still in mourning over the season ending collapse. However, I will still be watching the Super Bowl. My hatred over Tom Brady trumps my dislike of Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. So, Go Seahawks beat those cheating fools!! So if you want to come talk football past or presentwith me I would love to discuss, whether you are a Packers fan or not.

Well, all right that was enough rambling about football, I look forward to talking with you guys about political thoughts throughout history in that class

What’s up!

Hey guys, my name is James.  I’m a junior DJS major/English minor with a pre-law emphasis.  After I graduate I plan on going to law school to become an attorney, preferably in criminal defense.  Growing up, I developed a passion for law and politics; both of my parents were lawyers and both sides of my family are very politically involved.  To this day, Boston Legal remains one of my favorite shows of all time (hense my profile picture).  I am also very interested in topics involving morality and ethics, so this class was a perfect fit for me.

Some of my other interests include music (I’m beginning to learn the bass guitar), reading, comedy shows, and hanging out with friends.  Hope to get to know all of you this semester!



My name is Tom McCarey…or…the old guy in the class. I retired about a year ago after more than 30-years as News Director at WBAY-TV in Green Bay.  My first order of business was to finish what I started decades ago before life and work got in the way.  I hope to finish in December with an Integrative Leadership Studies degree with an emphasis on political science and U.S. government.

My wife and I have been together for almost 40 years now.  We have a son and daughter and a granddaughter who takes up alot of our free time.  Our daughter is working on her Masters in Art History at UW-Milwaukee.  Our son is a Marquette grad who owns and operates a transportation logistics company. I look forward to getting to know all of you.  Here’s hoping we all have a successful year!

Hey there!

Stephanie here! I come to you as a senior graduating in December, the excitement is so real. I will have majors in Public Administration with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management and Political Science. My hopes are to work within a nonprofit doing some good for children or addiction recovery for addicts/their families.

But anyways, logistical information aside, the biggest thing to know about me is that I am obsessed with South Park. I find myself relating almost everything in daily life back to South Park, this keeps everyday comical for me. I also love music and music festivals, I travel all over to experience music with great people. My most recent escapades over winter break took me on a road trip to Hampton, Virginia for a two-day concert.  To fund my adventures I work at a daycare, I have been there for nearly 5 years! I, For the most part, LOVE my job! I work with some pretty awesome, and quite hilarious, kids (and families) who make the days so much fun…it amazes me some of the things kids come up with.

Well that’s me in a  nutshell, until next time!



untitledHey I am Katsumi and I am from Janesville. I like to watch movies (my favorites coming from Quentin Tarentino), and my favorite sport is soccer. I have four animals at home that I love. A dog named Bassie, and three cats Nina, Ella, and Keely. I am a political science major and minoring in Spanish and Public Policy. After graduation I hope to in the Peace Core, then after that maybe go to law school. I have worked as a farm hand, tennis instructor, and a kitchen aid at a summer camp in the Dells. I have never left the USA, and I really want to. The countries I want to go to are Chile, Argentina, Myanmar, the Netherlands, and Uruguay. The thing I like about America is that are national sports teams can win, and the thing I hate about this country is that the politics can be easily bought (makes me want to move to move to Scandinavia). I hope to learn a lot about our Countries Political theory.


Hey everyone! I’m Casey, a sophomore political science student, musician, and sound and light technician for the University Union. I’m stuck between choosing graduate school or law school, after earning my bachelor’s degree. I have a strong international interest, specifically in the middle east. I took two semesters of UWGB’s Arabic program and speak what I can remember from the class. If going into law is in my future, I’d probably like to become a human rights attorney or go into international law. In any case, I hope to have some kind of hand in international politics. Come talk to me about music sometime too! That’s how I actually got interested in politics and human rights. I love almost every type of music, but if we discuss R&B/soul, metal, indie, or hip-hop, I’ll be able to carry out a pretty good conversation.



Hello! My name is Lucas Schroeder and I am a senior history major and a DJS minor. I work for the men’s basketball team and I am hoping to start a career in athletics, but as a backup plan I would do law enforcement. The picture below is from a trip that I took last Christmas to New Zealand.20131217_131601