The future American politics will be an ever changing one and change rapidly during the next twenty years. The reason being is because America is becoming much more diverse in terms of other cultures becoming engrained into the American lifestyle. Politicians will have to adapt to this change because if they don’t, their chances of becoming an American president are going to be slim to none. As conservatism is slowly deteriorating in regards to last one hundred and twenty years, America is becoming leaning towards liberal policies. As an implementation of the HealthCare system, the changing perspective on gay marriage, and other major issues, have America at an important time in American history. We are becoming much more tolerant in terms of social issues and more than the baby boomers tolerance levels. Although I can see if future presidents take a progressive approach on certain policies, I can see the American voter voice their opinion in terms of opposing those types of policy making decisions and in then hand voting for a more conservative approach. I shouldn’t say conservative but a more moderate approach to the way things are being implemented. Politics in America has a very diverse outlook in the future. Do you think American politics will gain or lose influence with newer generations?