When it comes to change in America I think civil disobedience had become a common thing. In my opinion, civil disobedience is sometimes the only way to get your point accross. Recently we have seen instances of this in places like Baltimore and Ferguson. While there have been peaceful protests going on, many people tend to only focus on the negative. One thing that I have noticed on social media is that there have been many pictures and quotes floating around about Dr. King and how he would want peaceful protests. Dr. King was not the only “blacktivist” there was. Malcolm X was also played a very huge role in the black communities, and he was not considered “peaceful” like Dr. King was. Civil disobedience was Rosa Parks not giving up her seat on the bus knowing the consequences. When people are fed up, you cannot expect them to obey any laws. Civil disobedience is blacks sitting at all white lunch counters. In my opinion, if it was not for people rebelling we would not be where we are today. Do you think the recent civil disobedience that has taken place in Baltimore and Ferguson will help change our institutions? If so, how do you think that they will change?