Hey everyone! I’m Casey, a sophomore political science student, musician, and sound and light technician for the University Union. I’m stuck between choosing graduate school or law school, after earning my bachelor’s degree. I have a strong international interest, specifically in the middle east. I took two semesters of UWGB’s Arabic program and speak what I can remember from the class. If going into law is in my future, I’d probably like to become a human rights attorney or go into international law. In any case, I hope to have some kind of hand in international politics. Come talk to me about music sometime too! That’s how I actually got interested in politics and human rights. I love almost every type of music, but if we discuss R&B/soul, metal, indie, or hip-hop, I’ll be able to carry out a pretty good conversation.



Hello! My name is Lucas Schroeder and I am a senior history major and a DJS minor. I work for the men’s basketball team and I am hoping to start a career in athletics, but as a backup plan I would do law enforcement. The picture below is from a trip that I took last Christmas to New Zealand.20131217_131601

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Hello there, my name is Daniel Malcore and I’m a sophomore here at UWGB. I’m a Democracy & Justice Studies Major with an emphasis in Law & Justice and a Communication Minor. My interests include sports (die-hard Oakland Raiders and Oakland Athletics Fan), traveling, architecture, sports history, and world history. My dream is to attend Law School after I earn my Bachelor’s from here and become an attorney. It is yet to be determined what kind of law I’d like to practice, but I’m confident I’ll find my answer sometime in the near future. Looking forward to getting to know everyone in the class during the semester!


My name is Tyler Rubenzer and I am Senior majoring in Democracy & Justice Studies and Political Science with a minor in History. After I graduate in May, the plan is to attend Law School. I am not exactly sure what kind of law I want to study, but I do like Constitutional and Criminal Law. If I had to pick a career to work in after Law School I would choose working with the Innocence Project; they attempt to exonerate wrongfully convicted prisoners. Over Winter Break I spent two weeks in Cape Town South Africa for the DJS Travel Course. 20150116_184028It was a great experience. South Africa is a beautiful20150117_092402 country.






My name is Tress, and I constantly ride the struggle bus, procrastination being my worst enemy and best friend – which is why I’m doing this introduction post this soon. Istruggle busn more exciting (not really) news, I am a junior, double majoring in Democracy & Justice Studies and History. I plan on going to graduate school once receiving my Bachelor’s degree, studying Student Affairs to be one of the best student affairs professionals in United States history! But really, my passion in life is to help those who do not have the proper voices and clout in American society by being their advocate to others. I specifically plan to do so in the academic sphere, helping to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for multicultural students at predominantly white universities. On campus, I am involved in Black Student Union and Women of Color, and I work in the American Intercultural Center (feel free to stop in). Moreover, outside of the academic world, I enjoy cheetah and zebra print, the color black, and anything that sparkles.


I’m Alison Staudinger and I am hear to tell you that you should be very careful making decisions for your future self. When I was 19, in college, I lived with a bunch of friends in a big victorian house near Seattle University. We thought it would be a good choice to get a kitten. Now, roughly fifteen years later, I still have this cat. Not a one of my roommates, even though they were staying in Seattle and I was driving a Uhaul cross-country to Boston, would take this cat. This cat lived in Boston, in D.C., in Chicago and now in Green Bay, becoming grumpier with every move. Finally, yesterday, this cat bit me when I tried to catch her so that she could get much needed veterinary care. Within two hours, my hand swelled markedly, and I had to rush to urgent care, where the doctor called the police to report the cat bite before treating me.  Apparently, cat bites are dangerous because of their dirty mouths and sharp teeth; one in three bitten are hospitalized. Anyway, I wish that past-me had thought more about future-me (or, yesterday-me). TL;DR: I’m basically a reluctant cat-lady with an infected knuckle. (In a nice twist, the cat and I are on the same super-antibiotics). I also care a lot about the ideas that animate political action, and am curious about when and how everyday people have struggled for power and dignity.

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