I’m Alison Staudinger and I am hear to tell you that you should be very careful making decisions for your future self. When I was 19, in college, I lived with a bunch of friends in a big victorian house near Seattle University. We thought it would be a good choice to get a kitten. Now, roughly fifteen years later, I still have this cat. Not a one of my roommates, even though they were staying in Seattle and I was driving a Uhaul cross-country to Boston, would take this cat. This cat lived in Boston, in D.C., in Chicago and now in Green Bay, becoming grumpier with every move. Finally, yesterday, this cat bit me when I tried to catch her so that she could get much needed veterinary care. Within two hours, my hand swelled markedly, and I had to rush to urgent care, where the doctor called the police to report the cat bite before treating me.  Apparently, cat bites are dangerous because of their dirty mouths and sharp teeth; one in three bitten are hospitalized. Anyway, I wish that past-me had thought more about future-me (or, yesterday-me). TL;DR: I’m basically a reluctant cat-lady with an infected knuckle. (In a nice twist, the cat and I are on the same super-antibiotics). I also care a lot about the ideas that animate political action, and am curious about when and how everyday people have struggled for power and dignity.